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本文摘要:Linklaters and Pinsent Masons have become the latest law firms to invest in artificial intelligence, as the legal profession tries to automate the mundane tasks that have traditionally been the preserve of junior lawyers.法律业正尝试让传统上由初级律师分担的乏味工作构建自动化,年罗尼(Linklaters)与品诚梅森(Pinsent Masons)就是近期一批投资人工智能的律师事务所。


Linklaters and Pinsent Masons have become the latest law firms to invest in artificial intelligence, as the legal profession tries to automate the mundane tasks that have traditionally been the preserve of junior lawyers.法律业正尝试让传统上由初级律师分担的乏味工作构建自动化,年罗尼(Linklaters)与品诚梅森(Pinsent Masons)就是近期一批投资人工智能的律师事务所。Linklaters has developed Verifi, a computer programme that can sift through 14 UK and European regulatory registers to check client names for banks. The company said it could process thousands of names overnight.年罗尼律师事务所研发了电脑程序Verifi,可以筛查14家英国及欧洲监管注册机构的材料,为银行核查客户姓名。

该公司回应,这一程序一夜时间可以处置几千个名字。Edward Chan, banking partner at Linklaters, said: “Previously it would have taken a trained junior lawyer an average of 12 minutes to search a single customer name.年罗尼银行业合伙人Edward Chan说道:“以前,接受训练的初级律师检索一位客户的姓名平均值必须12分钟。”“AI is an indispensible tool for coping with the ever-growing amounts of data which lawyers have to handle in running complex matters. Our lawyers are not engineers or data scientists. Good solid legal skills remain what we look for in our lawyers.”“律师在处置简单事务时被迫面临日益可观的数据量,人工智能已沦为处置这些数据的适当工具。我们的律师不是工程师,也不是数据科学家。

杰出、坚实的法律技能仍是我们的律师不应不具备的。”Pinsent Masons has developed a programme that reads and analyses clauses in loan agreements. Its TermFrame system also helps guide lawyers through transactions and point them towards the correct precedents at each stage of a process.品诚梅森律师事务所研发了一个可以加载并分析贷款协议条款的程序。其TermFrame系统还可以在律师处理事务的过程中获取协助,在进程的每一阶段提示他们参照合理的先例。


Another law firm, Dentons, has set up NextLaw Labs, a virtual company which looks at the application of technology with the law. It has invested in ROSS, an IBM Watson-powered legal adviser app that streamlines legal research, saving lawyers’ time and clients’ money. ROSS is currently being pilot-tested at Dentons and approximately 20 other law firms.德同国际律师事务所(Dentons)创立了虚拟世界公司NextLaw Labs,致力于将技术应用于在法律事务上。NextLaw投资了一款基于IBM的沃森(Watson)超级计算机系统、取名为ROSS的法律顾问应用于,该应用于可以修改法律检索、节省律师的时间及客户的资金。ROSS目前正在德同等约20家律所展开测试。

Hodge, Jones Allen, a law firm, has worked with academics from University College London to create software that assesses the merits of personal injury cases.Hodge Jones Allen律师事务所与伦敦大学学院(University College London)的科研人员合作,研发了评估人身损害案件是非曲直的软件。Professor Richard Susskind, a technology adviser to the Lord Chief Justice, has predicted radical change in the legal sector, pointing out that intelligent search systems could now outperform junior lawyers and paralegals in reviewing large sets of documents and selecting the most relevant.最高法院首席法官(Lord Chief Justice)的技术顾问理查德萨斯坎德教授(Richard Susskind)曾预测,法律业将再次发生根本性变化,并认为,在查询大量文档并挑选最不具相关性的材料方面,智能检索系统如今可以比初级律师和律师助理做到得更佳。He told a legal conference last month that the legal profession had five years to reinvent itself from being legal advisers to legal technologists and criticised law schools for “churning out 20th-century lawyers”.上月,他在一场法律会议上回应,律师这一行有5年时间展开自我重塑——从法律顾问改变为法律技术专家。

他还抨击法学院“培育20世纪律师”。A recent study by Deloitte suggested that technology has already contributed to a reduction of about 31,000 jobs in the legal sector, including roles such as legal secretaries and a further 39 per cent of jobs were at “high risk” of being made redundant by machines in the next two decades.德勤(Deloitte)最近的一项研究指出,技术变革已造成法律业增加了大约3.1万个工作岗位(还包括法务秘书),而且还有39%的工作岗位在未来20年将面对被机器出局的“高风险”。


There has been speculation that law is ripe for “Uberisation”, becoming the next target of technological disruption.有人推测,法律行业将步入“优步化”(Uberisation),沦为被技术政治宣传的下一个目标。One smaller firm, Riverview Law, has partnered with the computer science department at Liverpool University to work on artifical intelligence products.规模较小的律所Riverview Law已与利物浦大学(Liverpool University)的计算机科学系由合作研发人工智能产品。

Riverview is setting-up a separate technology business to exploit its software and the intellectual property that it has and is creating. It has launched a virtual assistant Kim designed to help legal teams make quicker and better decisions.Riverview Law正在创立一家独立国家的技术公司,以更佳地利用其已享有以及正在研发的软件和知识产权。该公司发售了一款取名为Kim的虚拟世界助手系统,目的协助律师团队更加慢、更佳地做出决策。Karl Chapman, chief executive of Riverview, said Kim has three varying levels of complexity including one level where a lawyer can ask it to suggest the best order to renegotiate a series of corporate contracts.Riverview Law首席执行官卡尔查普曼(Karl Chapman)回应,Kim有三个复杂程度等级,在其中一个等级,Kim可以得出律师新的谈判一系列公司合约的最佳顺序。Many believe that AI will simply automate more routine parts of legal work so that lawyers focus on more complex, high value areas of client work.许多人指出,人工智能不过将使法律工作中的常规环节构建自动化,以使律师专心于客户服务中比较复杂、低价值的领域。


“I would liken it to mathematicians calculating sums on slide rulers before computers. Computers didn’t do away with mathematicians who are probably more highly valued now than they were before,” said Orlando Conetta, a computer scientist and head of research and development at Pinsents.计算机科学家、品诚梅森律师事务所研发主管奥兰多科纳塔(Orlando Conetta)回应:“我把这比作电脑经常出现前数学家用于滑动标尺计算出来总数。电脑并没出局数学家,他们如今有可能比以前更加不受推崇。



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